"delle terre"

Corbezzolo wood & gold

“Un Amore Hoop Earring”

delle terre 2016 collection


Handmade in the castle of Cagliari, Italy, we chose the artist Massimo Soro to bring this design to life. Un Amore is 18k gold created with the filigree technique. This craftsmanship has been passed down from father to son in Massimo’s family for generations. 


Each Solo Oro piece tells a different story, some going back as far as the Bronze Age. The intricate gold embellishments in this particular earring symbolizes a row of crop. The flowered spheres are wheat seeds. They embody growth for each new year. Forever providing abundance and prosperity to the one wearing this work of art.


“la vita dorata è quella di viaggiare con amore”

the golden life is to travel with love

"un amore hoops"

18k gold handmade in the

castel of cagliari


each spear replicates a wheat flower, providing abundance and prosperity.